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Alarm Clock Mod

I wanted a way to use my alarm clock in 24 hour format. But me living in America, and having a clock that is made with 12 hour format, this wasn't easy. So, I took the alarm clock apart, found out what chip drives the clock, looked it up on Google, and found out that the alarm clock CAN infact do 24 hour time. But only because the driver chip knows how to do it. So, upon reading how to do it, all I had to do was short two pins on the chip. Well, that's easy enough!

What I got to do this mod: Screwdriver, Twist-Ties

That's all that was needed. Twist-Ties are good small conductors, and the paper around them are good enough for insulation. So, I shorted the pins, while the clock was on, and upon shorting it, they instantly switched over to 24 hour. That was it. So I put it back together again.

Here is some pictures to show you the progress.

The Hack