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New! The Mac mini! Read how it ran, and what it can run, along with pictures. Click here.

Welcome to the home of Ventiken Technologies.  It's been a while since our last update, and we are sorry about that.  We have been sidetracked.

Update: We are currently updating our systems with larger hard drives. This will delay WormHole 3.5 production. We are sorry for this, but it must be done. We are now working on the latest addition to WormHole, version 3.5!  Version 3.5 will have the same features as 3, but with a new graphical user interface (GUI).  Version 3.0 was not really ready for Windows XP, but worked on it.  Now, with version 3.5, it will have Windows XP ready toolbar icons.  Another update to version 3.5, will be the replacement of the icon.  We have designed a new icon that looks really cool on any desktop.  The new icon will only work on Windows XP, 2003, or the upcoming Longhorn.  On Windows 9X based systems, the result is unpredictable.